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Fluorescent F5 Kits Refurbished

[REFURBISHED] F5 3-Head Fluorescent Lighting Kit with Boom Arm

[REFURBISHED] F5 3-Head Fluorescent Lighting Kit with Boom Arm image

Explore the endless three-point lighting possibilities in your photos and videos with the Interfit F5 Three-Head Fluorescent Lighting Kit!

The F5 is a light-weight continuous light source that combines ease of use and versatility to provide a powerful lighting tool for your personal studio.

The F5 Fluorescent Fixture

  • features five 32w fluorescent lamps producing up to 800 equivalent watts of power
  • uses three toggle switches on the back for precise control of lighting ratios
  • includes a 50 x 70cm (20 x 28″) softbox with a removable front diffuser
  • has a locking tilt bracket for precise positioning
  • features an 8mm umbrella mount for use with your favorite umbrella (umbrella not included)
  • operates silently, making it ideal for photo or video
  • remains cool to the touch, keeping your subject comfortable during prolonged shoots

The Interfit F5 Three-Head Fluorescent Lighting Kit is an all-inclusive three-point lighting kit. In addition to the three F5 heads and softboxes, this kit includes two 7'6" light stands, and a 10’ light stand. The increased height and stability of the 10' stand is used to support the 4.5’ Boom Arm. Having a light on a boom arm allows you to place the light overhead of your subject to create a dramatic overhead light or a crisp hair light to separate your subject from the background.

Watt Output:

800W equivalent per head

Color Temperature:

5600K (Daylight)

Lamp Type:

INT042 – 32W Fluorescent Lamp


Yes – Individual lamp control


20” × 28”

Light Stand:

2 × 7’6” Light Stands
1 × 10’ Light Stand

Boom Arm:

Aluminum, 30” – 55”

Head Construction:


  • [3x] Refurbished F5 Heads
  • [15x] 32W Fluorescent Lamps
  • [3x] AC Power Cables
  • [3x] 20" x 28" Softboxes with diffusers
  • [2x] 7'6" Light Stands
  • [1x] 10' Light Stand
  • [1x] Boom arm with grip head
  • [1x] Counterweight bag

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