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Warranty & Repairs

Limited Manufacturer Warranty

We appreciate your loyalty to the Interfit family and stand behind the products we design, but we understand that sometimes we make mistakes or products can get damaged on their journey to you. That is why every Interfit product comes backed by our 1-year limited manufacturer warranty. Here we have laid out the terms and limitations of this coverage provided to you and how you can receive a replacement for any equipment that doesn't quite work upon purchase.

NOTE: Products within the warranty period that are deemed repairable, Interfit will subsidize shipment from the authorized repair facility upon completion of the repairs. The customer will remain responsible for the fees associated with shipment to the authorized repair facility.

Interfit Authorized Repairs

If your trusty light or other Interfit product has seen better days or begins having troubles outside of the warranty period listed above, we've still got you covered! Interfit has an authorized repairs facility that can help you get your gear back to tip-top shape again for a nominal fee. The process for repairs is listed below but if you're just looking for a bulb or battery, be sure to check out our replacement parts section for authentic Interfit user-replaceable pieces.

  1. Check to see if your equipment is within a year old - you may still be covered by our warranty (if you answer no to question #2).
  2. Was the damage caused by wear over time or an accident? If yes, proceed.
  3. If your equipment is damaged by wear, showing an error, or broken from an accident and is older than a year from date of purchase, please contact us here - our operations team will walk you through the repair process as soon as possible.

NOTE: Interfit does not subsidize repair fees or shipping charges associated with the authorized repairs facility for products outside of our warranty period.