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Fluorescent Table-Top Table-Top Studio

Studio Essentials Table-Top Product Photography Kit

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The Studio Essentials Table-Top Product Photography Studio Kit is an all-inclusive setup for small product photography. It features an easy-to-setup pop-up light tent and shooting table that give you endless creative opportunities. Using this kit enables you to create high production value product photos. This kit is commonly used to create online product photos for use on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and many other e-commerce platforms.

This kit includes:

  • Two energy-efficient 30 Watt (30W) daylight-balanced fluorescent lamps that remain cool to the touch, produce accurate colors.
  • Two lamp sockets with built-in 6” Reflectors that are designed to focus the spread of light, giving you control over the direction.
  • Two 18” table-top light stands. These metal light stands can be adjusted from 10” to 18”.
  • A 24” Pop-up light tent with four colored backgrounds (Black, White, Red, Blue). This shooting tent diffuses the light in order to create a soft, even spread across your subject. Diffusion material on every side allows you to light your shot from any angle.
  • A 12”x12” Magnetic Display Table. This table contains both a white and black high-gloss surfaces. These highly-reflective display surfaces add a high production value to your images.
Watt Output:

150W equivalent each

Watt Usage:

30W each

Brightness (Lux) each:

*measured under typical video conditions (800 ISO, 1/60)

0.5 meter: f5.6 (1663 Lux)

Color Temperature:


Variable Power:


Reflector Diameter:

6” (15cm)

Replacement Lamp:

30W Fluorescent Lamp – FLU30

Operating Voltage:


Cable Length:

5’6″ w/inline power switch

Light Stand:

LS303 – 18″ Table-top light stand

Display Table:

PSTMT12 – 12”×12” Magnetic Studio Table
Surfaces: High-Gloss Black / High-Gloss White

Light Tent:

PST24 – 24” Shooting Tent
Backgrounds: Black, White, Blue, Red

  • [2x] Light sockets with 6" reflectors and inline power switches
  • [2x] 30W Fluorescent lamps
  • [2x] 18" Table-top light stands
  • [1x] 24" Shooting tent with 4 colored backgrounds
  • [1x] 12" Studio Table with black/white surfaces and 4 magnetic legs

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